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The best gift you can give yourself

Publicerad 2012-12-22 22:46:25 i Mind and body, Mindfullness,

If you are not already, please let this Christmas be a starting point to try and accept and love yourself. You are a child of this universe, you belong here and you have the right to be here. You have the right to be happy, proud, curious, and loved. If a negative thought about yourself creeps into your mind, just let it pass, don't let it settle. End the negative thought with a strong "BUT" and a positive thought about yourself. You are so much more than the flaws that only you can see. And in the end, noone is perfect. Noone. Not even celebrities or supemodels. Stop comparing yourself to retouched images in magazines. You are beautiful the way you are.
Börja den här julen med att vara snäll mot dig själv. Du har all rätt att vara lycklig, nyfiken, få kärlek och vara stolt! Låt inte negativa tankar slå rot, avsluta dem med ett bestämt "MEN" och en positiv tanke. Alltid. Ingen är perfekt och det är detta som gör oss till unika, fantastiska individer av detta universom. Älska dig själv.


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