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Being introvert

Publicerad 2012-11-09 14:04:07 i Mind and body,

I think I'm seriously obsessed with breakfasts. I absolutely love breakfast! I could probably eat just breakfast food for every meal of the day and be perfectly happy, haha!
I am at work at the moment thinking about things in my life that I wish perhaps would be better, easier or different. Thinking about myself and my relationship with other people and I think I've come to realise I'm a very introvert person.
Not in the sense that I shy away from meeting new people, or hide myself in a corner, but I am very careful of other people's time. I never want to disturb or in other ways interrupt someone in what they're doing. I never say anything unless I actually have anything to say (especially with new people), and if I do try small talk it always turns out awkward, I'm just not good at it.
I like company, but I like my company to respect my integrity and pride. If someone demands my attention or demands me to make decisions I will often react with annoyance or shyness. I like letting others make decisions and I like to spend my attention on whatever I want. If I want to give you attention, I will.
I think the fact that I am like this has made me lose some friends over the course of time. I don't think people always understand how introverts work. We are not being rude, we just like being quiet and listen to/watch other people in action. We like to mind our own business and only steal someone elses attention when absolutely necessary.
Unfortunately, our society only asks for extrovert people. People who are loud, visible and talkative. There's nothing wrong with being extrovert, it's great. But being introvert is also great. We are all different, and being quiet and careful does not mean you don't have opinions or character. It just means you are introvert. That's all.
Full stop. :-)


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