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Publicerad 2012-11-11 19:22:31 i Wellness and health, Workout,

Just got home from the gym and shops. I don't think I can express how happy I am about joining this gym, it's unbelievable. I could go there every night easily. This week's exercise can be concluded as:
Monday: None
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: Core 30 mins + bike ride 50 mins
Thursday: Body Pump 55 mins + bike ride 50 + 35 mins
Friday: Bike ride 50 mins
Saturday: None
Sunday: Dance 55 mins + Yoga 55 mins + bike ride 35 mins
I'm focusing on strengthening classes in the gym at the moment, because I already ride the bike almost everywhere I go, I get cardio exercise that way. Sunday yoga for some flexibility and relaxation (it wasn't hard yoga at all) and dancing for the fun of it!
Now: back to cooking dinner!


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