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Treat or over-eat?

Publicerad 2012-10-06 23:07:53 i Mind and body,

Today has not been a good day food wise. Been offered too many lovely cakes and temptation has a way of taking over. The problem is, no matter how good the cakes taste, I feel put in imbalance. I start to feel guilty and feel bad, I feel unhappy and almost frustrated with myself for not being able to say "no thanks". At the same time my mind can have a go at my guilt, saying "you are allowed a treat".
The question is though, how much is a treat, and how to know when enough is enough? By the first, second, third, fourth or even fifth cake? By the first, second, third or fourth glass of wine? I have a problem of not knowing when to stop once I've started. I have become much better at this, but from time to time I fall into the pit of binging, and it really doesn't make me happy.
Because, why should a second or third serving make me happier than just the one? I need to start listening to my body, knowing when I am satisfied and I have had my treat of sweet or savory flavour and that's enough. A second or third serving won't give me more pleasure, just feelings of guilt, frustration and anger with myself.
Eating healthy, and choosing the better options makes me feel happy, proud and satisfied, because I know I do myself a favour, both physically (giving my body the right fuel) and mentally (boosting my self-confidence). To decide beforehand what or how much treats you are going to have on a certain day is one trick to over-come the binging, or, at a party, choose one sort of treat and stick to it, instead of eating of all sorts. I have found these tricks useful, but of course everyone is different and have to work out their on ways of dealing with the "binge-monster".
I don't believe in ever refusing yourself treats, and I believe in balance. But binging and over eating is unnecessary and something that only harms the body and mind.


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