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A summer goes by too fast

Publicerad 2013-08-13 21:35:11 i Living life,

Right when you start to get the proper summer feeling
it is already gone.
July was warm, hot and dry and yet I only went to the beach a few times,
and swam only twice!
Time was short for a lot of things I wanted to do,
my list of things is always longer than summer allows.
But not to be sad, I have had an absolutely wonderful summer,
with the best end to it ever possible!
On the last day of July we came with James and Helene down to the beach and watched them cool down in the water.
After James' and Helene's swim, we went for a game of minigolf. At the end of the evening the sky was wonderful, and we went back down to the beach for some photos.
I promise I will post more pictures of our last week of summer tomorrow!


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