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the weekend

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On Friday I bought a box of strawberries, and this little peculiar shaped one was found. It looks like a little flower in disguise. Sweet!
On the Friday evening we packed a picnic and went to the busstop to go into town...
We sat down by the water and ate our food - home made wraps with smoked salmon, eggs, lettuce, sprouts and mayo + a muffin each.
Met up with my lovely family <3
There was lots of people in town, and the reason was that Gyllene Tider was playing and they're very famous. They are from Halmstad and have been a band since the 70's...the lead singer is the same guy as in Roxette.
After a while we got cold though, and went home.
On the Saturday we went to the pier for fishing and sun bathing. Chris caught an eel (eek), and we both caught the sun a little too much (oops). Ate cherries, salad and had a lovely time. Summer and warm weather has finally arrived!
Sunday was a relaxing day, with a little walk. I went to the beach to meet Jessica and Johannes in the afternoon, while Chris stayed in and watched the tennis.
Today we've both been back to work, and tomorrow I'm off again. Planning to go the gym and then later meet up with Jessica in town. Will be a nice day :)


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