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Last weekend

Publicerad 2013-05-30 20:29:14 i Living life,

Last Saturday I had a full day of doing fun activities, dinner and a party with most of my classmates from these last 3 years of studying. Everyone on the pictures are now wonderful, lovely career guidance counsellors. 
We went to a place called Ästad gård, where the owners have turned an old farm into an activity/games place, which has become very popular. It also has a sauna and swimming area, and we used an underwater sauna which was pretty cool. You could look out the windows of the sauna and watch the fish swim by, or maybe the daring people that went for a swim in the pond ;-)
It feels like only yesterday I started this course, and now it's already over. I'm gonna miss all my classmates, especielly a few that I get along with really well, but live quite far away. At least we had a really good day together to remember, and we're already talking about a new get-together :-)


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