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I went to crossfit at another gym today. A real crossfit box to be precise. For those of you who don't know, crossfit is a unique concept developed by a man called Greg Glassman. Crossfit is meant to be a generally life strengthening workout and combines elements of olympic lifting, weightlifting, gymnastics and sprints. The focus isn't to "sculpt" your body, but to increase your body's performance, strength and endurance. And because it is a concept in itself, the creator doesn't want just anybody to be able to run crossfit classes. You have to take special instructing classes and the gym wanting to hold crossfit classes need to be part of the affiliation. 
Anyway. It was fun! Basically the same as the other x-fit classes I've been to, but this gym had it's own designated space for crossfit (the "box") and much more gear. I enjoyed it :) Can't start paying for another gym membership though, but I've been invited to come and train with them every once in a while anyway if I want to :)


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