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Things that really make me sad

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You know what really saddens me? When I read blogs that focus on exercise and healthy eating - where the author is clearly suffering from disordered eating behaviours. This blog used to be like that, and there are so so so many more out there. The scary thing is, that our society feeds this behaviour. It is considered to be dedicational, healthy, strong, disciplined. It is encouraged and people fail to see the disorder in these habits.
It makes me sad when I see young girls in the internet asking fitness people how to get their body. "you have my dream body, any tips on how I can train and eat to look like you?". This makes me sad. Why look like someone else, when you can look like you? Also, getting visible abs, toned leg and arm muscles, and low body fat percentage is very, very difficult unless you have this body type naturally. Striving for this look is not healthy for teenagers.
It makes me sad when teenagers ask how many calories they should be eating in order to lose weight, and the instagram owner/tumblr owner/ blog owner answers with "i would go for about 1200-1500 calories and exercise 4-6 times a week". This really makes me sad. First of all, the advisor is most likely not a trained professional within nutrition and training, second they know absolutely nothing about the person asking for advise (it may be a 13 year old at a healthy weight, or a 30 year old with overweight or a 50 year old who is underweight, they just don't know!). Giving advise without knowing anything about a person is a very very dangerous business. It causes confusion, obsessive behaviour, eating disorders and most likely failure. It does no good what so ever.
It makes me sad that teenagers feel the need to ask online amatouers about calories and exercise, instead of focusing on having fun, enjoying life with friends and simply eating healthy nutritional foods.
It saddens me that society puts so much value into what our bodies look like instead of other qualities such as humour, wit, creativity, intelligence, thoughts, etc etc. We are so much more than our bodies. We live in our bodies, and our bodies are here for one reason only - to be able to live and experience life. If we look after our bodies with love and care we will most likely live longer with less pain. If we neglect our bodies and it's needs we are moving towards a life of illness and an early death.
I don't know. It just makes me sad that society is so fixed on our looks, more than anything else. It does no good. It brings sadness and unhappiness where you could have put your energy onto things that are way more important - who you are. Not what your body is.

Everything is in your head

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Think of all the mental challenges that you manage to overcome, every day. Simply because you know you CAN and you know you have to. Things like:
  • getting out of your warm, cozy bed in the morning.
  • bringing yourself to have a shower.
  • bringing yourslef to go out the door and go to work/school/uni or whatever you have to do.
  • cooking yourself dinner.
  • going out in the cold.
  • going food shopping.
  • finding something to wear.
  • do the housework.
  • going to that meeting you're dreading.
  • giving that speech you feel so nervous about.
  • writing the test that you are unsure if you studied correctly for.
  • handing in a report you are unsure about.
You can do anything you want. You can do whatever you need to do. You overcome mental challenges everyday, no matter how small.  You are capable. You are good enough. You are perfectly good at overcoming obstacles. Sometimes we need help, sometimes we can do it on our own, but we can do it. We can make a change, make a difference. We can do whatever we want to do. We can overcome anything. Remember that.

My training at the moment

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I am really enjoying my workouts at the moment. I feel that I am getting stronger and my endurance and stamina is just increasing each week. It feels amazing. Cross fit is alot of fun too, very social and even though it is hard I never feel like I need to push myself more than I am able to.
Last weeks training looked like this:
Monday: Active rest (just riding my bike to and from work).
Tuesday: Body Balance (a mix of pilates and yoga) + Cross fit, and riding the bike to and from work.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 km run, strength training for legs and abs + riding the bike.
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: Body Pump (full body strength training).
Sunday: Sh'Bam (an hour of dancing).
This week I am planning following:
Monday: Active rest (40 minutes of yoga).
Tuesday: Cross fit + riding the bike.
Wednesday: Running 5 km (?) and bike ride.
Thursday: Running 3 km + strength training.
Friday: Active rest, just bike ride.
Saturday: Running 6 km.
Sunday: Strength training.
The plan may change of course depending on what I/we decide to do during the week! But I enjoy doing something active everyday, it brings me so much energy!

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