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I went to crossfit at another gym today. A real crossfit box to be precise. For those of you who don't know, crossfit is a unique concept developed by a man called Greg Glassman. Crossfit is meant to be a generally life strengthening workout and combines elements of olympic lifting, weightlifting, gymnastics and sprints. The focus isn't to "sculpt" your body, but to increase your body's performance, strength and endurance. And because it is a concept in itself, the creator doesn't want just anybody to be able to run crossfit classes. You have to take special instructing classes and the gym wanting to hold crossfit classes need to be part of the affiliation. 
Anyway. It was fun! Basically the same as the other x-fit classes I've been to, but this gym had it's own designated space for crossfit (the "box") and much more gear. I enjoyed it :) Can't start paying for another gym membership though, but I've been invited to come and train with them every once in a while anyway if I want to :)

rörelse - movement

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att röra på sig och äta nyttigt generellt har blivit en naturlig del av mitt liv. äntligen måste jag tillägga. det var länge länge som det inte var så, och inte förrän jag var 22 tog jag tag i hälsan och förändrade mitt liv. sedan dess har det gått upp och ner, men jag har i alla fall hållt en häslosam vikt och tänket kring vad som bör åka ner i kroppen mer ofta än inte har funnits kvar. sedan 2012 har dock hälsan varit i fokus och jag skulle inte för mitt liv vilja lägga av med träningen. kanske ändra upplägg, kanske ändra spår, ändra fokus, men inte lägga av. jag mår för bra av att röra på mig för att vilja sluta.
veckans träningsplan är som följer:
måndag: vila
tisdag: crossfit
onsdag: lågpulsträning, typ lätt löpning
torsdag: yoga
fredag: crossfit
lördag: hugga träd i mammas trädgård (om vädret tillåter)
söndag: vila/långpromenad
jag vill få in rörelse varje dag. utav träningspassen i en vecka är det endast 2 pass som är riktigt "hårda" och intensiva och det är crossfitpassen. lågpulsträning och flexibilitet är också viktigt för hälsan och en frisk och glad kropp. trädhuggning blir en bonus, hehe. annars blir det något lågpulspass där istället.
to exercise and move hasn't always been a natural part of my life, but when i was 22 i decided to make a change, and i haven't regretted it one single time, ever. nowadays i don't think i'd be very happy if i went without exercise for a longer period of time. even if it is just getting out on the bike, or going for a walk. being completely sedentary makes me crawl up the walls. i don't ever want to stop moving..
the weekly plan goes as follows:
monday: rest
tuesday: crossfit
wednesday: aerob training, for example light running for a longer period of time.
thursday: yoga
friday: crossfit
saturday: wood chopping (if the weather allows)
sunday: powerwalk/rest
2 superintense workouts and the rest with focus on aerob, low impact, fleixibility. to keep my body strong, happy and healthy.

fuel your body with vibrant foods

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fuel food happiness pleasure. eat eat eat. find your balance, choose wholesome food, as unrefined as possible. cook it gently and enjoy the foods that you eat. don't eat something you don't like because "well, it's healthy" but choose instead the healthy options that you DO like :) have fun with your food!

fit for life

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i know it's a trend but i can understand why. i can see why so many fall in love with this sort of exercise. a high intensive work out that leaves you sweaty and out of breath but is always variable and never leaves you bored of your workouts.
crossfit is a form of training that had been developed mostly from weightlifting and gymnastics. it is meant to be an overall form of training, making you strong and fit for everyday life. it focuses both on strentgh, agility and cardio - perhaps not enough on endurance and flexibility. but those two are easy to add in to your routine with some yoga/stretching and long distance cardio sessions like running, swimming, cycling or rowing at a steady pace.
my back has suffered recently from unnkown reasons. throughout spring i trained crossfit twice a week and something else a third time almost every week. i felt strong and could feel how much better my body got at handling different situations. but i also got stiffer. my spine felt stiff and i didnt feel flexible at all. in june i really hurt my lower back one day when i was training with mum. just a simple kettlebell swing and "pang!" i couldn't move. went to the chiropractor who said my spine was completely locked. she adjusted my lower back, between my shoulders and also my neck. i suddenly felt as if i was walking on clouds.
im not sure why i have all of a sudden gotten these problems, but i have a slight suspicions it has to do with my training. i love weightlifting and it make me feel confident and empowered, but i need to make sure i warm up properly, and also do alot of stretching it appeares.
Im still struggling with my lower back, my muscles there tend to tense up and cramp and it is very uncomfortable. so at the moment i have to put the heavy weights aside and train my form more than anything. i want to be fit for life. not crumbling to pieces.
today i plan to do this workout:
warm-up run 1,5 km at 9 km/hour
set timer to 14 mins and do
1200 meter run afap
and then for the remaining time 40 double unders (skipping) and 10 push-ups
after this i will do every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 squat cleans (with no weights on bar)
and the finish with core to stabilise and strentghen back and stomach:
30 sec plank on each side and middle x 4

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