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Publicerad 2014-06-12 15:47:37 i Living life,

Only 1 week until our wedding and it really bothers me now that I'm worried I'll be uncomfortable in my dress. It is really tight, and I have gained like 1-2 kilos since I first bought it. It wont be too small, but it will be uncomfrtable. I cannot exercise at the moment cause I was stupid enough to hurt my back at the gym last Saturday. I feel like shit with my body right now. I have been in a good position when it come to food and exercising since last summer, but now I just feel like I want to lose.
I feel like I need to lose 2 kilos for the dress to be comfortable, and I really want to exercise because it makes me happy, but I can hardly bend forward today and it is so frustrating. 
Why why why did I have to go and injure myself NOW?

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