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A quick workout to do at home

Publicerad 2014-07-15 15:05:52 i Workout,

I didn't have time for the gym this morning so I decided to do two quick circuit workouts that really left me sweaty and worked my whole body.
I started by doing a warm up consisting of airsquats at different tempos for about 3 minutes.
Then I set my timer for 10 minutes and did as many reps as possible of:
10 push-ups
15 airsquats
20 ab exercises (sit-ups, crunches, mountainclimbers, I varied)
After that I set my timer for 8 minutes and did as many reps as possible of:
5 burpess
10 lunges
15 back raises
21 minutes in total and a complete full body workout.


Publicerad 2014-06-12 15:47:37 i Living life,

Only 1 week until our wedding and it really bothers me now that I'm worried I'll be uncomfortable in my dress. It is really tight, and I have gained like 1-2 kilos since I first bought it. It wont be too small, but it will be uncomfrtable. I cannot exercise at the moment cause I was stupid enough to hurt my back at the gym last Saturday. I feel like shit with my body right now. I have been in a good position when it come to food and exercising since last summer, but now I just feel like I want to lose.
I feel like I need to lose 2 kilos for the dress to be comfortable, and I really want to exercise because it makes me happy, but I can hardly bend forward today and it is so frustrating. 
Why why why did I have to go and injure myself NOW?

The time will pass anyway

Publicerad 2014-05-08 10:03:52 i Inspiration, Living life,

I really like this quote by Earl Nightingale. It is very true. Whatever your dream is, the only thing that matters in order to accomplish something is how you decide to spend your time. Time will pass anyway. Where do you want to be in a month? A year? 5 years? How will you get there?
I think I might print this out and put it in my office. Maybe it can help motivate a couple of students that struggle to find the will to do school work...

my first 5 km race

Publicerad 2014-05-07 14:30:27 i Living life, Workout,

I ran 5 kms in 30:28 minutes! My best time ever. I haven't been very consistent with my running, or my training lately at all and it pleases me that I managed to break my own record (I think the best I've done for 5 km before has been around 33-34 minutes). I think my focus on high intensive strength training has helped me develop both muscle strength and cardio, so even though my running has been set aside, I could perform quite well.
It does, however, inspire me to be able to run even faster. Can I do it in less than 30 minutes? Can I do it in less than 25? Can I run 10 kms? I've never ran farther than 6 kms before. There are so many challenges to be taken on, and I want to achieve them, I want to improve and I want to move forward.
At the start of 2014 I made a goals list and it is a good list. But I wish to change the "no results" bit into, not so much results, but rather things I want to be able to do - to train for.
I want to be able to...
- do 1 pull-up without any resistance bands.
- to hold an armstand for more than 30 seconds.
- to run 5 kms in less than 30 minutes.
- to balance my body in different poses.
- to run 10 kms.

You can't live a positive life with a negative mind

Publicerad 2014-04-30 15:51:34 i Inspiration, Living life, Mind and body, Mindfullness,

What do you have a body for, if not to embrace life? Keep moving, keep your body strong, keep your body well nourished with healthy foods. Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy cooking food from scratch and eat it together with loved ones. Enjoy growing plants, enjoy being creative, enjoy trying new things. There is no limit. Just because you can't do something now, it doesn't mean you won't be able to do it tomorrow.
Life is beautiful, take up as much space as you want, stay active, don't let anything hold you back from doing the things you want! Life is too short and too precious to be held back. Keep you eyes in the goal/target and stay focused. You can do it.
Savour the moment. Feel the warm sun on your face or the cold rain down your cheeks. Smell the newly cut grass, the seaweed, the trees. Smell the apple pie, the bonfire, the cool air. Smell the coffee, the freshly baked cinnamon rolls,  the christmas tree. Smell the earth warming up after winter, the first blossom and the first BBQs. Listen to the sounds around oyu. What can you hear?
Feel you body, feel the warmth, feel your heatbeat. It is beating for you. Think of your feet, how they can walk anywhere, take you places. Think of how the grass feels under you bare feet, how the sand feels between your toes. Think of your legs, your calf muscles, knees and thighs. Think of how they help you jump, run, swim, walk. Think of the touch of a loving hand on the inside of your thigh. How it tickles, how it smooches. It is soft and accepting. Your legs are beautiful.
Think of your stomach, how it is working for you every day, digesting your food and converting it to energy of life. How it is keeping your intestines in place. How your stomach helps you to sit up, lie down, laugh hard and deep and being able to bend your body. Think of your arms and hands. How they help you carry things, pick flowers, draw, write, cook, sew, take photos, build, repair, create, caress, hold...Think of you body, how it keeps you alive, how it loves you.
Think of how it feels to be embraced by someone you love. Feel their arms around you, keeping you safe, just as you keep them safe. You wouldn't want them to be harmed and they don't want you to be harmed. They love you, every inch of you. Every self-doubt, every thought of self-hate is harmful and destructive to your happiness. Your mind is your most powerful tool. How you feel and think begins in your mind. Make peace with yourself and focus on what makes you feel good. What you think you become.

Menu plan week 18 (28th-2nd)

Publicerad 2014-04-28 16:31:22 i Inspiration, Living life,

Monday: B:Porridge with banana, berries and peanut butter. S: ½ avocado and 1 pear. L: Minced meat, black beans and turnip "stir-fry" with broccoli. S: 1 orange. D: Baconwrapped chicken with sauteed courgette, carrot and sundried tomatoes. Bonus: Ice-cream "yay"
Tuesday: B: Sweet scrambled eggs with berries. S: ½ avocado and 1 fruit. L: Chicken and sauteed veggies. S: Seed cracker with ham. D: Oven baked cod with cauliflower mash, asparagus and hollandaise.
Wednesday: B: Eggs on seed crackers and a smoothie. S: Home made "protein" bar. L: Cod from night before. S: Fruit. D: Chickpea curry with low-carb wraps.
Thursday: B: Overnight oats with berries and peanut butter. S: 1 egg + fruit. L: Cichpea curry from night before. S: Home made "protein" bar. D: Rice noodles with pork and veggies.
Friday: B: Scrambled eggs with smoothie. S: Home made bar. L: Noodles from night before. S: Fruit. D: Halloumi salad.

eat sleep train repeat

Publicerad 2014-04-19 09:35:38 i Workout,

Yesterday's workout was my first "home-made" crossfit workout. 
I started by warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Did some movement warm-up and then got going with my "stations". The first is a "half Cindy". Amrap means "as many reps/rounds as possible" - so I basically did 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 airsquats continuosly for 10 minutes (a whole Cindy is 20 minutes). Managed 5 ½ rounds. Last time I did a full Cindy I managed 11½ I guess there is no major improvement in speed. However, I can now do push-ups and pull-ups much better, so that is good!
The gym was really full yesterday, so all the weightlifting stations were full when I had finished my half Cindy, so I did the third "station" here. 3 minutes of doing 15 lunges and 15 sit-ups continuosly, rest 1½ minutes and 3 min work etc (3 times). Ouch my tummy! Not ideal, since I don't want my core to be tired for the weight lifting. 
Third station, weights. I actually increased number of reps here, because I am still a little scared of putting too much weight on and hurting myself. So:
Squats: 5 reps with 35 kgs
5 reps with 40 kgs
8 reps with 40 kgs
Overhead press: 
3 reps 15 kgs
3 reps with 20 kgs
1 rep with 24 kgs (then failed second rep, so took off 4 kgs)
3 reps with 20 kgs
Deadlift: 5 reps with 35 kgs
3 reps with 45 kgs
5 reps 45 kgs

the importance

Publicerad 2014-04-10 10:59:57 i Living life, Wellness and health,

It really doesn't matter what it is you like to do. Hiking, weight-lifting, crossfit, yoga, zumba, aerobics, running, jogging, dancing, team-sports, martial arts, gymnastics, cycling, swimming. Just move. Find something you enjoy and move your body.
It is so important. The benefits of getting your blood pumping, your muscles active are so incredible that it should be in everyone's interest to stay active.
- helps to protect against heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.
- helps protect against certain cancers such as colon cancer and breast cancer.
- prevents diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.
- helps prevent osteoporisis (loss of bone mass)
- reduces risk of falling and breaking bones when older (stronger musclemass and stronger bones).
- imporives cognitive function when older.
- relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mood.
- helps keeping body weight at a normal level.
- improves sleep.
- improves lung and heart fitness.
So consider this. You do not have time for exercise. You are tired and want to relax when you come home from work. You feel fine. You dont always sleep very well, and you are slightly over weight, or you're not over weight at all, so no need to get fire engines going, right? There is nothing wrong with wanting to relax, but by prioritizing away exercise you will eventually have to prioritize expensive medical care, hospital visits, treatments...
It is the ugly truth, and I just want to be upfront. It doesn't matter what exercise you do, but if you make your body work harder than normal for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week you will instantly start to reduce the risk of illness.
The greatest problem I see is that most people don't realise that their health problems are very often linked with their lifestyle. If you have no core strength, your back and shoulders will suffer. If you have no leg strength, or to much weight, or both, your knees will suffer. If your body never gets used, never gets to work, to move, it will suffer. It will deteriorate. But these symptoms creep up on us gradually. We don't notice our health issues until it's too late. It isn't until we are dignosed with diabetes, poor backs or hips, that we understand that we have been neglecting our health.
We don't see the need to maintain health, as long as we feel fine. Our bodies are amazing though, and will respond quickly when we treat them right. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to train like an athlete, you don't have to eat perfectly 100% of the time. Eat well during the week, treat yourself on saturday night. Exercise regurlaly, find something you enjoy. Walk and cycle instead of using the car. Walk the stairs. Simple and small changes can be the water drop that makes the difference! 
If you don't have time for exercise and healthy eating now, you will most likely have make time for illness and disease later in life.

Act of kindness

Publicerad 2014-04-08 11:50:06 i Living life,

I'm a thinker. I think alot, about alot of things. Mostly people and social behaviour. About wellness, health and happiness.
It is sometimes hard to write down my thoughts without it sounding like I'm preaching. I don't want to preach. I don't want anyone to be provoced by my words. I want to inspire. Maybe make a small difference in someone's day, life, view of the world.
We all exist here together, and we all have a choice between leaving a positive trace on this planet, or a negative. We always have a choice. We have a choice to love or to hate. We have a choice to move forward, backward or not move at all.
Most of the time our choices are more than one, it isn't always clear which one will be a positive one. Life isn't black and white. But in all situations we can always choose kindness. To live a life with a loving heart and soul. We all exist here together. We are all fighting our own battles, have our own struggles and worries. When meeting other people, talking to other people, talking about other people - choose kindness. You don't know what their journey is about.
Their clothes may not please you. Their hairstyle may not attract you or their lipstick might be too red for you. Their laughter might be too loud for your ears. That's ok. We all have different preferences. But don't say it out loud. Not to them or to others. Say something nice instead. Practice love. It takes practice. Let it take practice. But practice it.
When we practice love, when we are nice, we actually become happier.
Practice loce, and see where it might get you.

Things that really make me sad

Publicerad 2014-03-27 12:04:52 i Living life,

You know what really saddens me? When I read blogs that focus on exercise and healthy eating - where the author is clearly suffering from disordered eating behaviours. This blog used to be like that, and there are so so so many more out there. The scary thing is, that our society feeds this behaviour. It is considered to be dedicational, healthy, strong, disciplined. It is encouraged and people fail to see the disorder in these habits.
It makes me sad when I see young girls in the internet asking fitness people how to get their body. "you have my dream body, any tips on how I can train and eat to look like you?". This makes me sad. Why look like someone else, when you can look like you? Also, getting visible abs, toned leg and arm muscles, and low body fat percentage is very, very difficult unless you have this body type naturally. Striving for this look is not healthy for teenagers.
It makes me sad when teenagers ask how many calories they should be eating in order to lose weight, and the instagram owner/tumblr owner/ blog owner answers with "i would go for about 1200-1500 calories and exercise 4-6 times a week". This really makes me sad. First of all, the advisor is most likely not a trained professional within nutrition and training, second they know absolutely nothing about the person asking for advise (it may be a 13 year old at a healthy weight, or a 30 year old with overweight or a 50 year old who is underweight, they just don't know!). Giving advise without knowing anything about a person is a very very dangerous business. It causes confusion, obsessive behaviour, eating disorders and most likely failure. It does no good what so ever.
It makes me sad that teenagers feel the need to ask online amatouers about calories and exercise, instead of focusing on having fun, enjoying life with friends and simply eating healthy nutritional foods.
It saddens me that society puts so much value into what our bodies look like instead of other qualities such as humour, wit, creativity, intelligence, thoughts, etc etc. We are so much more than our bodies. We live in our bodies, and our bodies are here for one reason only - to be able to live and experience life. If we look after our bodies with love and care we will most likely live longer with less pain. If we neglect our bodies and it's needs we are moving towards a life of illness and an early death.
I don't know. It just makes me sad that society is so fixed on our looks, more than anything else. It does no good. It brings sadness and unhappiness where you could have put your energy onto things that are way more important - who you are. Not what your body is.

Everything is in your head

Publicerad 2014-03-12 14:55:35 i Living life,

Think of all the mental challenges that you manage to overcome, every day. Simply because you know you CAN and you know you have to. Things like:
  • getting out of your warm, cozy bed in the morning.
  • bringing yourself to have a shower.
  • bringing yourslef to go out the door and go to work/school/uni or whatever you have to do.
  • cooking yourself dinner.
  • going out in the cold.
  • going food shopping.
  • finding something to wear.
  • do the housework.
  • going to that meeting you're dreading.
  • giving that speech you feel so nervous about.
  • writing the test that you are unsure if you studied correctly for.
  • handing in a report you are unsure about.
You can do anything you want. You can do whatever you need to do. You overcome mental challenges everyday, no matter how small.  You are capable. You are good enough. You are perfectly good at overcoming obstacles. Sometimes we need help, sometimes we can do it on our own, but we can do it. We can make a change, make a difference. We can do whatever we want to do. We can overcome anything. Remember that.

My training at the moment

Publicerad 2014-03-04 11:20:07 i Living life, Workout,

I am really enjoying my workouts at the moment. I feel that I am getting stronger and my endurance and stamina is just increasing each week. It feels amazing. Cross fit is alot of fun too, very social and even though it is hard I never feel like I need to push myself more than I am able to.
Last weeks training looked like this:
Monday: Active rest (just riding my bike to and from work).
Tuesday: Body Balance (a mix of pilates and yoga) + Cross fit, and riding the bike to and from work.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 km run, strength training for legs and abs + riding the bike.
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: Body Pump (full body strength training).
Sunday: Sh'Bam (an hour of dancing).
This week I am planning following:
Monday: Active rest (40 minutes of yoga).
Tuesday: Cross fit + riding the bike.
Wednesday: Running 5 km (?) and bike ride.
Thursday: Running 3 km + strength training.
Friday: Active rest, just bike ride.
Saturday: Running 6 km.
Sunday: Strength training.
The plan may change of course depending on what I/we decide to do during the week! But I enjoy doing something active everyday, it brings me so much energy!

Rant, I just start fuming sometimes

Publicerad 2014-02-28 11:19:06 i Living life,

I cannot get over how mentally disordered our whole society is. We get bombarded with messages about how to slim down, get toned, get fit, and at the same time how much we must love and accept ourselves for who we are and what bodies we have. Cause everyone is different and unique but we must all try and mold ourselves into the ideal body that society wants us to have. But don’t forget to love yourself.

This isn’t helped by the fact that we base our entire worth around our looks. If we do not get appreciation for our looks we are worth nothing. This applies to both men and women, but there is a big imbalance between the sexes here. Men and women comment on other women’s bodies to an absurd amount. It is as if we are all free to just judge all girls and women out there on whether or not they are “fuckable” enough, “sexy” enough or “pretty” enough. We just splurt out all these stupid ass comments, no care who is listening or not. Maybe it’s your daughter hearing you say these words. “Nah, I wouldn’t go near that” or “I’d definitely fuck that”. I mean, first of all. You are talking about a human being, not an object, so stop making her into one. Why is it so hard to use the pronoun “her”? Would you like anyone to refer to your daughter, sister, mother, wife as an object? Or would you like to be an object yourself? No? Stop doing it yourself then. You may not know her, but she is still a person and whether or not you find her non-attractive or “fuckable” doesn’t remove that fact. Second, what message do you think you send out when telling everyone if you would fuck “that” or not fuck “that”? Why is it important? Why can you not keep that to yourself? Is it a game you must play to seem “hard”? By comments like this, girls grow up to believe that the one thing that matters most is whether or not she is attractive. Intelligence? Humour? Interests? No, girls believe that men want sexy, pretty women that giggles quietly and loves shopping so they can take the piss out of their love for shopping, because the less the woman is like a man, the more a man becomes a man. Right?

But mind you, a woman cannot be too sexy, or try too hard to fit into the category of “fuckable” because then she’s a whore. She’s learned that without “sexiness” she’s worth nothing, so she tries to attain it, but if she tries too hard, she’s a whore. You see the problem? No matter what girls do they are either boring, ugly (not trying enough), whores, bitches (trying too hard), and a few “lucky” ones are sexy and fuckable. Yay! You made it. You have the appreciation of others and now you will be happy forever.

I’m not saying that you can never express that you find someone attractive. But it is HOW you express that. Saying “yeah, I’d fuck that” or “she’s really attractive, she looks happy/healthy/sweet/nice whatever” means too completely different things. Some people awakens sexual attraction and that’s natural, but going around making that person into an object is not ok. Walking around judging every person you see on whether you’d fuck them or not, is not okay. This applies to both men and women. I’m not saying men are not victims of this, because they are too, but let’s face it – women are the biggest sufferers of this body-shaming in society.

No wonder people are insecure. My god, we feel as if we get judged everywhere we go. And we do. From what I’ve experienced the last few years at least. We are not safe. We are told to love ourselves but how can we do that if our worth as HUMAN BEINGS is based on our looks?

It is so goddamn disordered. When did being happy, joyful, intelligent, witty, strong, independent, affirmative, kind, loving, generous, hard-working, ambitious, healthy, etc become less important than looks? Never, I’d say.

Yoga challenge

Publicerad 2014-02-03 21:59:26 i Living life,

I'm challenging myself with one mission. To do 20 minutes of yoga ech day for the rest of the year. 20 minutes of a day is less than 2% of each 24 hours. It is easy to accomplish. Just need to make it a daily routine.
So why? Well, tyoga is an "easy" way to add some flexibility, strength, breathing and relaxing into a daily routine. I have noticed how incredibly unflexible and stiff my body has become from sitting still in an office for 8 hours each day. I need this. For my yoga I'm following these youtube channels:
Tara Stiles
And thank god the snow disappeared too so that I can cycle to work again!

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