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This weekend has offered slow morning coffee in my dressing gown, sunshine melting the snow away (slowly but surely), Easter dinner and indulging at dad's, gym visit with mum, long walk in the sun with Milo and now sitting at home trying to digest all the food that I've been eating the last day and a half.
I will try and be a better blogger this week, I promise :-)

Don't use your imagination to worry, use it to create possibilities

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I think if you are looking to became a healthier, more active person, the most important thing to do is not to feel sorry for yourself for what you can't eat or do anymore. Because it isn't a case of "not being allowed". It's a case of choosing the better option, and see what benefits and good it does for you.
I think many would need to stop and think to themselves "How do I feel? How does my head feel? My muscles? How am I sleeping? How's my mood?" 
I think a lot, and I mean a lot, of our wellness comes from what food we eat and how we exercise. Sugar, for example, causes our brains to behave in the same way as cocaine. It is also now related to diseases such as alzheimers and dementia, because it affects the nerval endings in our brain. Scary, huh? 
So what are you actually missing out on? I think we need to become more aware of the direct chemical effects food have on our bodies. We must not forget that our bodies will digest, and process all the food that we eat in order to fuel our cells. It does make a difference if you choose to eat a bag of sweets as a snack or a couple of fruits. 
Of course you can still eat sweets, cake and all those nice foods, but that should also be a choice. Not because you have an addiction to it and just grab it in the shop every time you go shopping. You can say yes to treats, but you should also be able to say no.
Back to the positive thinking then. Imagine loving yourself. Looking at yourself and accepting yourself. Look at what you do for yourself and your body. If you think something should change, make the change, see the possibilites. You are strong enough, because you can only gain from doing a positive change. You can start by saying "I love my body for what it is, and I will treat it the way it deserves". Feed your body all those delicious, lovely and healthy foods, that will not only make you feel happier chemically but it will also make you happier psychologically. Exercise because not only will it make your body stronger, but it will boost your confidence and self-love. That is proven.
So what are you waiting for? :)

Simple lunch

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Sunday lunch called for something quick and simple, as the planned menu didn't really work out. So I took the few prawns we had left in the freezer, boiled some quinoa, heated a frying pan and threw sweet corn, sweet peas, asparagus and cashews in with some garlic and curry spices. Then added the quinoa and prawns and served with some fresh vegetables (greens, cabbage and cherry tomatoes). Voila! Really tasty ( cashews in food is amazing!), healthy and simple!
This meal is gluten-free, and can be made nut free by just excluding the nuts, or vegan by removing the prawns and adding soya beans for example. The quinoa provides good quality carbs and is also very high in protein. Cashews provide healthy fats and protein, and the prawns are just awesome, lean protein too. The vegetables speak for themselves. Never eat a meal without fruit or vegetables. Just don't. 

This time last year

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We went to England in March last year and had a few days of spring weather and above 20 degrees. It was lovely. We went for walks, had beer and lunch in the garden and could go outside with only a t-shirt. 
The flowers were in full bloom and the magnolias were stunning! 
Back home, Halmstad was still not so far gone into spring, but it was certainly on it's way, and I was doing work experience just next to where this picture was taken. It was a nice work place, helping unemployed youngsters (16-24) getting back into work or school.

Saturday morning

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Like every morning, we had our breakfast in front of morning news and weather. The fridge is gaping empty now, however, so we'll need to go down to the shops soon and get some groceries. Later today we have also planned to visit a couple of friends. Other than that I'm planning to do some reading of Chaos Theory of Careers, and also some flat cleaning and decorating. I want spring to come, like, now!

Friday the 22/3

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It's been a sunny, snowy and ice cold Friday. Spent most of the day at work and then came home and surprised Chris with a curry, which was yummy. Watched a pretty aweful film and then he went to bed. I'm still awake, obviously, but will join him shortly. My bed reading is a very good book and I keep looking forward to reading it. A Swedish crime novel  by Lars Keppler called "The fire witness". 
Looking forward to having a day off tomorrow, even though I will need to do some studying. 
Nighty night!

Pretty awesome

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Time goes faster some weeks. This weeks has just flown by and I have mostly crashed on the sofa after getting home from work. I have hardly used my computer, which I guess is a good thing. Went to Body Pump on Monday and realised I have lost a lot of strength after about 2 months of slacking. Not good. Going to a CXworx class today (focus on core strength) and then I will do 30 minutes of cardio and strength in the gym afterwards.
I'm happy today though, as I got my grades on the dissertation: Jackpot. "Well passed" which is the best grade you can get. (Can get "failed", "passed" or "well passed" basically). Very happy about that. Also found out that I don't have to take te last module, which means I will be finished with my education in 5 weeks time, if I pass these last upcoming exams.
Träning står på schemat idag. I övrigt är jag väldigt glad för vi fick VG på examensarbetet! Fick också tillgodoräkna en kurs istället för sista kursen på utbildningen, så jag är alltså klar om 5 veckor om jag fixar de sista examinationerna nu. Hur awesome är inte det??

Saturday lunch

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Vegetarian, almost vegan, low GI pancakes for lunch. Sounds good? Well, it wasn't bad. Next time, I'll do the same but not without eggs! Anyway, these pancakes are full of healthy stuff and contains no fat, only the butter you fry them in!
So why do I say almost vegan? Because I fried them in butter. I could've chosen vegetable oil instead, but I think pancakes in butter are just too tasty! Instead of whipped cream I made a cashew cream full of good nutrients. Bananas and blueberries are a must!
Vegan pancakes for two:
  • 1,5 dl of whole wheat flour (I used dinkel)
  • 1 dl of coconut flour (can be exchanged for normal flour)
  • 2 dl of oats milk
  • 0,5 dl of water, add more if needed.
  • 0,5 tbsp of baking powder
  • 0,5 tbsp of sugar
I also added about 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed to make up for the egg, didn't really work though. Next time I'll make the pancakes with an egg for a more fluffy texture. They turned out nicely flavourwise, but they were quite dense and doughy. 
Cashew cream:
  • 1 dl of cashews
  • 0,5 dl of water
  • ½ frozen banana
  • 0,5 teaspoon of raw vanilla powder
Soak the cashews in water for about 15-30 minutes. Add the frozen banana and raw vanilla powder and mix it well with the rod mixer, or in the food processor. Voila! A creamy and tasty option to whipped cream. 
Veganska pannkakor stod på lunchmenyn idag. Nästa gång satsar jag dock på att ha i ett ägg i alla fall, för utan ägget blev pannkakorna ganska stabbiga. Jag tipsar dock varmt att utbyta grädde mot cashewkräm, som du enkelt gör genom att mixa blötlagda cashewnötter med frusen banan och lite vaniljpulver. Bananen kan såklart bytar ut mot vilken frukt/bär som helst. Använd fantasin! Mycket mer näring än grädde, och med nyttiga fetter istället för de skadliga fetterna i grädden. 

Career theories, nervousity and relaxation

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Finally home again, after yet another long day at uni. Today both was and wasn't very great. The morning was slightly boring with just basic focus on career theories, which in itself was good because we have an exam in two weeks, but on the other hand I want to practice counselling. Ah well. The afternoon was dreadful for a few classmates as our teacher thought it to be a good idea to have counselling sessions in front of everyone in the room. Ah well.
I can only say that I am very tired, and was very happy to come home to a pretty home with lit candles and a big hug from Chris to make me feel cozy. Time to clear my head with some cooking, and then just relax me thinks...


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Got lots of new ideas for my job today. Let tomorrow be just as inspiring. Have a whole day (8-17) of career theories, methods and workshop to look forward to. 


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Long, slow, and a lovely breakfast this morning. Taking a morning in, before going to uni at 10.00. 
Mysig långfrukost denna morgon då jag kan stanna inne tills jag ska till Varberg kl. 10.00. Hoppas ni har en fin morgon allihop!

Don't you worry, child

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Monday. Meeting, presenting myself to a class of students, planning my presentation for tomorrow, meeting again. Home and cook dinner. I definately feel like time for the gym is much less prioritized now I have a full time job. Not that I don't have time, but I just don't feel like getting home at like half past six when I've been out all day already, you feeling me? I will go tomorrow though, I will, I will. 
Cooked a lovely sea food stew in a thai green curry style for dinner. Oh YUM! 


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The weather has been a little odd today. Snow and sunshine all at once. Anyway, have had a nice and slow Sunday. Not done any coursework or housework or anything. Just been enjoying a day off. Went to the shop and did the groceries though, something I enjoy doing. 
Konstigt väder idag, solsken och snö om vartannat. Har verkligen tagit det lugnt idag och inte gjort ett jota. Förutom att handla inför veckan, men det tycker jag bara är kul :)

Egypt part 3

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1) Abu Simbel. 2) Abu Simbel. 3) At a botanical garden island. 4) A Mosque tower (minoret) at Esna. 5) Esna temple.

Not long until the weekend is here again

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Last week was a bit slow. This week has definately gone faster. Thursday already. At least the dissertation is finally on it's way to be graded and published. Took way too long, much due to our own fault. 
Tonight all I want to do is read blogs, look at interior design stuff and tidy and decorate. I feel like our flat needs a little care and love.

Egypt part 2

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1) Monument at the High Dam. 2) The unfinished obelisk. 3) A heron on the Nile. 4) A senegal thick-knee. 5) Chris with a baby croc. 6) Sunset over the Nile.


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Enjoying a slow Sunday on my own. Chris is away fishing in Helsingborg, hoping to catch some cod to put in the freezer. I made myself a nice breakfast, two crackers, some fresh mango and a lovely smoothie with frozen fruit and berries, banana and oat milk. Did the housework and then sat down with a second coffee and some magazines. About to plan for the week's menu and then go for a long walk in the sunshine/go shopping. Ahh...days off. I think I'm going to appreciate my weekends a lot more now I have a full time job. 
Har en lugn och skön söndag. Äter god frukost, städar, läser tidningar, ska handla och gå på promenad. Redan efter första veckan på heltidsjobbet njuter jag för fullt av mina två lediga dagar i slutet av veckan. Underbart!

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