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My day and lasagna

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The last two nights I've slept like a princess, honestly! Waking up feeling completely rested is something truly wonderful, haha! The snow is still on the ground, and yesterday I dragged Chris out for a walk with me and the camera. We enjoyed watching the sun go down and the snow glitter, but got quite frozen! 
Today I've been to Varberg to finish the "last" bits on the dissertation, when I came home I made banana muffins, and I think they are quite healthy too! ;-) For dinner I made lasagna. Honestly, the best. lasagna. I've. ever. made. I kept wanting more like an hour after dinner, haha. The secret? Celeriac and mushrooms. Chop some celeriac and add to the tomatosauce, it gives it a really nice, rich flavour. And mushrooms that soak up all the lovely garlic flavour - omnomnom. For bechamelsauce I used low-fat creme fraiche with garlic and parmesan, milk and a few slices of low-fat cheese. Yumyum!
Har varit såå utvilad de senaste nätterna, helt underbart! Var ute på promenad i snön igår, och i Varberg idag. Sedan har jag bakat nyttiga bananmuffins och lagat min bästa lasagne någonsin. Hemligheten? Rotselleri och champinjoner i tomatsåsen. Helt underbart. Som ostsås använde jag creme fraiche med vitlök och parmesan, lite mjölk och 17% hushållsost. Namnam!


Posted by: Shirley and David

Published 2012-12-05 21:17:43

Food looks great, must try it sometime.
Being in your own bed instead of on the sofa must have had something to do with sleeping like a princess. It is a very comfortable bed. love Shirley.x

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