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Gym and frittata

Publicerad 2012-11-29 21:05:00 i Dinners, Meat, Workout,

Had a really good workout at the gym today! Put more weights on my legs, and I definately felt stronger lifting in both chest press and shoulders. Yay! :-D
At the moment I'm lifting:
Legs (Squats): 17 kgs
Chest: 9 kgs
Back/Shoulders: 9 kgs (I would take more on the back unless it was a combined back and shoulder exercise...)
Triceps: 6,5 kgs 
Biceps: 6,5 kgs
Legs (Lunges): 11,5 kgs
Shoulders: Press ups, then 2 kgs in each hand.
Stomach: Sit ups
Came home and was starving. Made a frittata with tomatoes, onion, ham and potatoes, which we poured egg over and baked in oven until the eggs were cooked. Served with a side salad.Yummyyummy!


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