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I'm sorry

Publicerad 2013-09-01 16:49:14 i Living life,

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I want to keep you updated with photos and all the things we do, but when I come home from work I am tired and it takes a while to edit and upload photos and I just keep saying "tomorrow"...ah well. Here's a little post with just a handfull of photos from August.
As you already know we had Phil and Abby here by the start of August and one evening James and Helene came over for a barbeque. Smilla found a cozy place in Chris' sweater too ;-)
On Friday the 9th we had a BBQ-party at ours with a lot of people and it was brilliant. Therese and Johan from Malmö, Abby, Phil, Mark and Will from England and lots of other good friends. Sunny evening and lots of games. A really good night.
On Saturday the 10th mum and Micke got married after 16 years together. A beautiful day with lots of love.
Next post will come up soon with some photos from last weekend. Hope you have had a good August too. 


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