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Act of kindness

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I'm a thinker. I think alot, about alot of things. Mostly people and social behaviour. About wellness, health and happiness.
It is sometimes hard to write down my thoughts without it sounding like I'm preaching. I don't want to preach. I don't want anyone to be provoced by my words. I want to inspire. Maybe make a small difference in someone's day, life, view of the world.
We all exist here together, and we all have a choice between leaving a positive trace on this planet, or a negative. We always have a choice. We have a choice to love or to hate. We have a choice to move forward, backward or not move at all.
Most of the time our choices are more than one, it isn't always clear which one will be a positive one. Life isn't black and white. But in all situations we can always choose kindness. To live a life with a loving heart and soul. We all exist here together. We are all fighting our own battles, have our own struggles and worries. When meeting other people, talking to other people, talking about other people - choose kindness. You don't know what their journey is about.
Their clothes may not please you. Their hairstyle may not attract you or their lipstick might be too red for you. Their laughter might be too loud for your ears. That's ok. We all have different preferences. But don't say it out loud. Not to them or to others. Say something nice instead. Practice love. It takes practice. Let it take practice. But practice it.
When we practice love, when we are nice, we actually become happier.
Practice loce, and see where it might get you.


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