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My training at the moment

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I am really enjoying my workouts at the moment. I feel that I am getting stronger and my endurance and stamina is just increasing each week. It feels amazing. Cross fit is alot of fun too, very social and even though it is hard I never feel like I need to push myself more than I am able to.
Last weeks training looked like this:
Monday: Active rest (just riding my bike to and from work).
Tuesday: Body Balance (a mix of pilates and yoga) + Cross fit, and riding the bike to and from work.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 km run, strength training for legs and abs + riding the bike.
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: Body Pump (full body strength training).
Sunday: Sh'Bam (an hour of dancing).
This week I am planning following:
Monday: Active rest (40 minutes of yoga).
Tuesday: Cross fit + riding the bike.
Wednesday: Running 5 km (?) and bike ride.
Thursday: Running 3 km + strength training.
Friday: Active rest, just bike ride.
Saturday: Running 6 km.
Sunday: Strength training.
The plan may change of course depending on what I/we decide to do during the week! But I enjoy doing something active everyday, it brings me so much energy!


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