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Monday 10/12

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We were going to go to Gothenburg for some Christmas shopping today, but some train (not a passenger one) had derailed outside of Halmstad, so no trains go past in the south direction. Damned snow :-P
We refunded our train tickets and went shopping in town instead. Since we got home we've basically been chilling out. I've been doing some exercise (80 squats, "the plank", and 70 burpees). Got 30 more burpees to do and 5 more minutes of the plank to do. It's good to get up and do a little exercise every now and then rather than just sit still all day long.
Today's me, before I changed into my softies/fitness clothes.
Todays lunch: Home made baguette with cheese, avocado and cucumber, and an apple.


Posted by: Johanna Fåglund - Fotograf & Makeup-artist

Published 2012-12-11 13:11:57

Sv: Tack :))

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