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Must say I haven't had time nor energy to write or do anything creative since we got back from Egypt. I have gone through over 800 photos, editing and choosing the best ones to torture friends and family with. We had an amazing holiday though and saw so many new things, learned lots and had quite a few new experiences to say the least. Egypt is a lovely country, even though it is dirty like nothing I've ever seen. Heaps of rubbish all along the streets, especially in Cairo, makes gives the otherwise beautiful country a huge, ugly spot on its face unfortunately. 
Other than that I can't say any negative things about the country. The people is very friendly, the weather is good, the river Nile is lovely (don't swim in it or drink it though ;-)). I will eventually upload some photos here, but until then you have to be happy with just one :)


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Have I packed everything? Have I got everything? Slightly nervous! :) I will attempt to go to bed now, gonna need some sleep cause tomorrow will be a long busy day. I feel a bit bad for not exercising today, I would have liked to, but hopefully I can get some done whilst away :) 


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Breakfast, porridge topped with yoghurt, banana, kiwi fruit, almonds and blueberries.
I'm getting nervous about the trip, in a good way! I've never been away for more than 10 days before, I am so excited! Back to packing!

Happy Wednesday

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Woke up to a snowy landscape this morning again, but had the cutest thing greet me in the kitchen: Chris had prepared the breakfast bowls etc. and left me a lovely message. Those things can really make one happy for the rest of the day. After lunch I got a phone call saying I got the job, I ran from work experience to go and meet the counsellor going on maternity leave. I'll start on the 27th of February, and will have a busy spring both working and studying full time! 
Celebrated myself by getting a beautiful watch by Jet Set. Love it! Now I better get ready to go over to some friends for a pizza and film night. Hope you are all well!

Tuna and prawn "bolognese"

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Had a good session at the gym. Began with running for 20 minutes. I'm not the fastest runner but I managed 3 km. I could have kept on going, and was in a good form, but it was so HOT in the gym today. Lots of people there and I was struggling a little, hehe. Then continued with arms and shoulders, finishing off with tummy muscles and last some stretching. Was there an hour in total. Good!
Came home and cooked a lovely dinner consisting of tuna and prawn "bolognese", with fresh lemon fettucini. It was really tasty, even though white pasta isn't the healhtiest option. 
Recipe for three:
  • ½ onion
  • ½ fennel
  • 1 whole red bell pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes (400gr)
  • 1 can of tuna in water
  • about 2 dl of prawns
  • 1 vegetbale or fish stock cube (of good quality), terragon, black pepper, maybe salt, depending on your stock.
Fry the chopped onion and garlic with a little bit of rapeseed oil/olive oil. Add tomatoes, chopped fennel, chopped pepper, seasonings and let it simmer while the water for your pasta is warming up to boil. Add tuna. When the water for your pasts is boiling, add the pasta to it. Add prawns to the sauce. Serve. (Fresh pasta boild for only 2-3 mins, so if you use ordinary pasts time it all well, don't add prawns until 2 minutes before serving).
Stek lök, vitlök i lite olja. Häll på en burk krossade tomater och lägg i hackad paprika och fänkål. Krydda med buljong, dragon och peppar och låt sjuda medans pastavattnet kokar upp. Lägg i tonfisken. När vattnet kokar lägg ner pastan däri och lägg i räkorna i pastsåsen. Anpassa såklart tiden efter vilken pasta du har, men lägg i räkorna tidigast 2 minuter innan servering, de blir sega om de får koka för länge.


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Went down to the beach for a walk earlier. Lovely sunshine and a fozen sea made a beautiful sight. Came home just in time for afternoon snack consisting of yoghurt, cottage cheese, blueberries, almonds and kiwi fruit and a cup of coffee. Perfect!
Fruset och vackert nere på stranden idag! Gott mellanmål efter promenaden bestående av yoghurt, keso, blåbär, mandel och kiwi. Och en kopp kaffe såklart. Perfektion!

Chicken and bean stew.

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I want a fashion blog, I want a cooking/exercise blog, I want a photography blog. Hmmm, all in one? Or three differetn ones. There is too much inspiration out there :-)
Anyway, cooked this lovely dinner tonight. I realised I had already posted this recipe before, right here <-- click!
This time I used a variety of beans rather than just large white ones, but otherwise it's exactly the same. I'm longing for brighter and longer days, to make my photography more interesting again. Dark rooms do not make food look the most appealing on photos (geez, many "o"s in that sentence!).
Jag vill ha typ alla slags bloggar, får så mycket inspiration när jag surfar runt, men man kan väl bara ha en slags blogg, eller? Lagade denna fantastiska kycklingrätt ikväll och längtar efter längre och ljusare dagar. Mörka rum får god mat att se väldigt tråkig ut på foto!


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Sunday morning displayed sunshine and a beautiful frosty garden for my camera to immortalise. We stayed over at dad's from Saturday and I think my poor tummy is still trying to digest all the food! I've had a bad tummy ache all day. Hopefully it will pass soon.
Went into town for a coffee with a friend after work, and then came home to cook a lovely meal. I'll post the recipe here later tonight! I'm aching to start packing for Friday, I think I might give it a small cheaky start tonight! ;-)

Lovely Saturday

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My body is full of happy endorphins at the moment! I met mum by the gym at 12 lunch time, we went for a 15 minute walk around the block because the sun is shining and it's lovely outside. After that we went into the gym and I did 10 minute warm up on the treadmill at a slow pace of 8 km/hour. Then I did several exercises for legs, bum and abs, including squats, squat holds (4x30 seconds), lunges and russian twists, plank and regular sit ups. Finished of the session with a 12 minute intervall session on the treadmill with alternating 60 seconds of a pace at 9 km/hour and 40 seconds of 12 km/hour. Felt really good! Cycling home and can conclude that I've been physically active for about 2 hours, awesome!
Now: shower, dress and off out for chinese with dad and his wife, her son and my sister+boyfriend. Hope you all have an equally nice Saturday! :)

Raw and vegan salad = yum

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I absolutely adore raw vegetables. I couldn't live on completely raw diet, because it is so lovely to eat a nice hot soup or stew. I like too many different foods to be able to give it up. But I have to admit that eating a raw, vegan salad makes me feel good about myself.
I loaded this plate with rocket, baby spinach, ½ mango, ½ avocado, ½ tomato, 1 carrot, alfalfa sprouts, red onion and a handful of almonds. The almonds and avocado gives me the protein and healthy fats I need, and the vegetables and fruit gives me all those incredibly 'good for you' vitamins and minerals.
I'm about to head off out to visit mum for a bit, since Chris is over at a friend's having a 'guys' night' ;-)

Friday, again!

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This week has really passed by really quickly! I've been really productive and managed all my tasks well and also been to an interview. I've done one 5 km run, 1 session at the gym and 1 yoga session. Tomorrow I will be running again, I got encouraged by the fact that I could do 5 km the other day. Maybe I can do 6 tomorrow? ;)
Anyway, I will clean the flat now, quite thoroughly and then I really feel like I deserve this weekend! 
Veckan har gått fort och jag har hunnit med att vara riktigt produktiv! Blev uppmuntrad av min egna prestation att springa 5 km häromdagen, så ska utmana mig imorgon med! Nu blir det att städa lägenheten, sedan känner jag att jag verkligen förtjänat denna helg! :)


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Good morning! Off to work in a moment, but first I need to do some uni-work as I was lazy last night and couldn't be bothered. I need to work hard at doing everything on time at the moment though. If I get this job (will get an answer next week), I will be pretty busy for about 3 months. It will be worth it, because turning an opportunity like this down would be silly. Anyway! I'll be around later today, so see you then!

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