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rörelse - movement

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att röra på sig och äta nyttigt generellt har blivit en naturlig del av mitt liv. äntligen måste jag tillägga. det var länge länge som det inte var så, och inte förrän jag var 22 tog jag tag i hälsan och förändrade mitt liv. sedan dess har det gått upp och ner, men jag har i alla fall hållt en häslosam vikt och tänket kring vad som bör åka ner i kroppen mer ofta än inte har funnits kvar. sedan 2012 har dock hälsan varit i fokus och jag skulle inte för mitt liv vilja lägga av med träningen. kanske ändra upplägg, kanske ändra spår, ändra fokus, men inte lägga av. jag mår för bra av att röra på mig för att vilja sluta.
veckans träningsplan är som följer:
måndag: vila
tisdag: crossfit
onsdag: lågpulsträning, typ lätt löpning
torsdag: yoga
fredag: crossfit
lördag: hugga träd i mammas trädgård (om vädret tillåter)
söndag: vila/långpromenad
jag vill få in rörelse varje dag. utav träningspassen i en vecka är det endast 2 pass som är riktigt "hårda" och intensiva och det är crossfitpassen. lågpulsträning och flexibilitet är också viktigt för hälsan och en frisk och glad kropp. trädhuggning blir en bonus, hehe. annars blir det något lågpulspass där istället.
to exercise and move hasn't always been a natural part of my life, but when i was 22 i decided to make a change, and i haven't regretted it one single time, ever. nowadays i don't think i'd be very happy if i went without exercise for a longer period of time. even if it is just getting out on the bike, or going for a walk. being completely sedentary makes me crawl up the walls. i don't ever want to stop moving..
the weekly plan goes as follows:
monday: rest
tuesday: crossfit
wednesday: aerob training, for example light running for a longer period of time.
thursday: yoga
friday: crossfit
saturday: wood chopping (if the weather allows)
sunday: powerwalk/rest
2 superintense workouts and the rest with focus on aerob, low impact, fleixibility. to keep my body strong, happy and healthy.

fuel your body with vibrant foods

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fuel food happiness pleasure. eat eat eat. find your balance, choose wholesome food, as unrefined as possible. cook it gently and enjoy the foods that you eat. don't eat something you don't like because "well, it's healthy" but choose instead the healthy options that you DO like :) have fun with your food!

the importance

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It really doesn't matter what it is you like to do. Hiking, weight-lifting, crossfit, yoga, zumba, aerobics, running, jogging, dancing, team-sports, martial arts, gymnastics, cycling, swimming. Just move. Find something you enjoy and move your body.
It is so important. The benefits of getting your blood pumping, your muscles active are so incredible that it should be in everyone's interest to stay active.
- helps to protect against heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.
- helps protect against certain cancers such as colon cancer and breast cancer.
- prevents diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.
- helps prevent osteoporisis (loss of bone mass)
- reduces risk of falling and breaking bones when older (stronger musclemass and stronger bones).
- imporives cognitive function when older.
- relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mood.
- helps keeping body weight at a normal level.
- improves sleep.
- improves lung and heart fitness.
So consider this. You do not have time for exercise. You are tired and want to relax when you come home from work. You feel fine. You dont always sleep very well, and you are slightly over weight, or you're not over weight at all, so no need to get fire engines going, right? There is nothing wrong with wanting to relax, but by prioritizing away exercise you will eventually have to prioritize expensive medical care, hospital visits, treatments...
It is the ugly truth, and I just want to be upfront. It doesn't matter what exercise you do, but if you make your body work harder than normal for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week you will instantly start to reduce the risk of illness.
The greatest problem I see is that most people don't realise that their health problems are very often linked with their lifestyle. If you have no core strength, your back and shoulders will suffer. If you have no leg strength, or to much weight, or both, your knees will suffer. If your body never gets used, never gets to work, to move, it will suffer. It will deteriorate. But these symptoms creep up on us gradually. We don't notice our health issues until it's too late. It isn't until we are dignosed with diabetes, poor backs or hips, that we understand that we have been neglecting our health.
We don't see the need to maintain health, as long as we feel fine. Our bodies are amazing though, and will respond quickly when we treat them right. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to train like an athlete, you don't have to eat perfectly 100% of the time. Eat well during the week, treat yourself on saturday night. Exercise regurlaly, find something you enjoy. Walk and cycle instead of using the car. Walk the stairs. Simple and small changes can be the water drop that makes the difference! 
If you don't have time for exercise and healthy eating now, you will most likely have make time for illness and disease later in life.

Fitness goals of 2014

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As a little continuation on the previous post, here are my fitness related goals of 2014:

- to get fit again (do at least 3 workouts a week, but prefeably 4-5)

- my main fitness focus will be to gain muscle mass and increase cardio.

- no stressing about results though, as I know it fucks up my mental state. Just focus on progress, no matter how slow or fast, big or small.

- hopefully run my first race (5-10kms) together with my friend - running here I come!

- to try and eat mainly clean food and less grains, sugar etc. I've already been through this. I have no restrictions on my diet though, since it's just silly and stupid and makes me miserable about life. 


Simple and easy goals - focusing on health, rather than fitness I guess :)

Common ground 1

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Talking about the popular diets at the moment I basically said that, if we were to follow all those rules of what is healthy and what is not, we would be eating leafy greens and nothing else. It doesn't sound so appealing to me, how about you?
What has made these diets so popular then?
People who follow these diets are all lyrical about their specific choice of foods, and would like for everyone to join their "salvation" and start eating the same way. What is it that makes them so special, and how can you get the same feeling of wellbeing from eating almost nothing but meat, as eating almost nothing but vegetables, nuts and fruit?
People on these diets often give anecdotes of how their stomach cramps have disappeared, their sore and tense muscles have loosened up, their head-aches have been relieved and most of all they experience a much longed for weight-loss, energy and general wellbeing - feeling sharp and alert and satisfied.
I believe that there is a few common grounds in these diets that contribute to these feelings, and enough talking, here is number 1:
No calorie counting
None of these eating habits require calorie counting. You are encouraged to eat as much as you like as long as you stick to "the rules". You are encouraged to start eating when you feel hungry (not because it is now 12 o'clock), and stop eating when you feel satisfied.
Why do I believe this is a good thing? Because I've been down the road of calorie counting. It gives a false sense of control. You feel good about yourself when you stay within your daily limit. The problem is that, to so many people, the sense of control quickly becomes an obsessing habit. It becomes scary to not know how many calories a meal contains. It feels like you've let yourself down when you have gone over the limit. It can quickly become something that spirales out of control, instead of giving control. If that makes sense. It also gives the brain a false logical train of thought, that the less you eat, the better, right?
Well, as we've seen, starvation harms the body and the brain. We become obsessed with food, depressed, anxious around food, anxious in general and cannot simply think straight. Our bodies and brains need fuel. If we count calories, we run the risk of cutting the amount of fuel needed by too much, until we cannot function normally anymore (whether that be physical or mental).
Furthermore, all calories are not the same. OK, let me rephrase that. Not all calories are handled by the body the same way. It is true that you will lose weight by eating a small amount of calories coming from junk food (for example all the diet shakes, juices, bars that are sold to us as a quick fix). The problem is that they contain little valuable nutrition and will leave you feeling hungry, deprived and unsatisfied. As soon as you start eating normally again, you are very likey to gain weight again.
There is also a difference in weight loss, and fat loss. Losing weight by cutting calories but still eating junk food, most likely mean that you lose both fat and muscle. Losing weight by eating until you're satisfied, and food that contain high quality nutrition will lead to greater fat loss, and a better chance of maintaining muscle mass.
Not counting calories while eating these diets are closely tied to the second common ground, that I will write about another time.
And once more, these are all my own thoughts, based on information I've read about health and nutrition. I do not tell anyone what to do, I'm simply putting my thoughts into words. I do not tell you this is right for you. Just that it is right for me :)
Sources:, dietdoctor.comnew england journal of medicine

How to know what is "right"?

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So, I wanted to share some thoughts on food and health. I'll try to keep a red thread a not get carried away as I normally do.
The jungle of diets
There are many ways to eat healthy. There is no magic diet that works for everyone. If you want to improve your health you must not forsake your mental health. Find an eating habit that works for you, without leaving you feeling deprived of foods you love.
Some people thrive on LCHF (low carb, high fat) - eating almost no carbs whatsoever. That means elimiting anything starchy or carby. No flour, potatoes, grains, oats, fruit, root vegetables, beans or sweet treats. They eat mainly animal protein, green vegetables and dairy products (full-fat).
Some people feel great on a so called paleo diet - avoiding grains, beans, dairy and industrially processed foods. They eat mainly animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats from meat, fish, avocados, olive oil, and ghee (butter that has been boiled to remove the lactose).
Some people tell stories of how awesome they feel from a raw food, vegan diet - eating nothing that has been heated above 42 degrees, all to maintain optimum nutrition within the food. This will mean that you cannot eat food that require cooking, for example grains, most meats, eggs, beans. Some beans are eaten if they have been sprouted. These people most often also avoid dairy products and refined foods.
Then there are people who sort of mix and match, some eat GI (like myself), some eat just vegetarian or vegan. Some just eat. Food is primarily meant to feed our bodies and provide nutrition that will keep us healthy, alert and energized through life. But people, human beings, have a more complex relationship to food than just eating to survive and maintain optimal health. We gather around food. We socialize around food. We build bonds and show love with food. It is so important to our mental and social wellbeing that looking only on the physical aspect of food is, in my opinion, rather foolish (I've been there myself, it is not nice).
So if I want to change my lifestyle to the better, how do I know what is right?
It is hard, because we are being bombarded every day about which diet is the most efficient. All of the above diets are popular right now and if you were to believe all of them and their arguments you would be left with nothing but some leafy greens and water on your plate. That is just not sufficient, either for your physical health, nor for your mental. Actually, there are studies that suggests that starvation causes not only physical deterioration, but also mental stress, depression and anxietys (source).
So what are you supposed to eat to become the healthiest, best, optimal you? To be honest, no one can give you the answer that is right for you, except yourself. But there are a few things in common with the above popular diets that I believe contribute to their popularity (the feeling of being lighter, energized and filled with "glow"). I will go through each common ground in separate posts - but remember, these are things that I, myself, have observed and noted while reading up about health and nutrition. I do not say that my thoughts and beliefs are true to you or anyone else. They are merely my gathered ideas of how to live a healthy life, with good choices for both my soul and body.

Starting new

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Ah, on my regurlar blog I try to stay clear of preaching about healthy choices and exercise, because I simply do not want anyone to feel judged by their choices, and that is never my intention. I used to be sort of blind to how my words came out and the feeling that I made better choices than others got the better of me many times. Looking back through the archives of this blog I realise how aggressively my interest for health and exercise came across.
The problem is when you have a passion for something and you want to spread and share the word it is hard sometimes to not get too passionate. And health is a sensitive issue. People do not want to feel guilty about themselves, for not exercising hard enough, or for not saying no to that extra slice of cake. Before, I used to feel guilty about these things. And I felt good about myself when I "behaved". So I wanted others to feel good about themselves too. Since then I have worked on my self-awareness, self-esteem and self-concept and I have become so much more gentle with myself and others. I have come to understand that feeling good about oneself is not reliant on "behaving" - it is reliant on how you speak to yourself. It is reliant on how well you listen to your body and not putting all your worth on being "good".
I am still incredibly interested in health, but it is no longer so tightly tied to my self-worth. I exercise because I enjoy it. I go to the classes I enjoy, I do the workout I am in the mood for. I have stopped the voice in my head telling me I need to do legs today, because I did arms the other day. I simply do whatever I feel like.  Exercise makes me feel happy, energized and confident - even more so since I removed the "perform" part of it.
Eating healthy makes me feel happy and energized too. And I miss writing about my thoughts on healthy food. Sometimes I read a few articles and I want to print down my thoughts on it. Or I want to share interesting information I've found.
I want to start blogging here again, but in a much humbler way. I want to be an example of how to live healthy without any feelings of guilt or pressures of performance. I want to be an inspiration to others (if they ever find this blog), a role model for others. I may not blog here as often as my other blog, because it will be mainly health related posts on here, with recipes and fitness as the main topic, but I will come here every now and then!
If any of my words ever come across as preaching, guilt tripping or anything alike, please let me know so I can try to rephrase my words.
This is a new start :)

My new philosphy around food

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I find it really hard to make a decision on where I stand in relationship to what's healthy to eat and what's not. On one hand I beleive we need to reduce our meat intake and other animalistic food sources, I also belive that too many carbs, especially wheat based ones are really quite bad for you as well.
Soooo. I mean, it's really hard to live on a diet based on vegetables and fruit. That's not healthy either.
My new philosophy around food is therefore:
Eat intuitively - eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm satisfied. Not stuffed. Trust my body and follow it's cues.
Reduce animalistic food sources, but no elimination. Choose carefully and don't buy meat from other origins than Sweden. Same goes for dairy products. Buy organic whenever possible.
Don't be scared of fat - as long as they are from natural sources. Margarine, rape-seed oil and sun-flower oil are all fats that are sold to us as healthy, but when you look at the production line it is difficult to justify margarine as being healthier than butter. Something that has been washed with hydric acid, coloured, and flavoured seems to me a bit (alot) unhealthier than butter. Then again - cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil are fats that have been proven to have real health gains in our bodies. Good amount of natural fats are essential. Don't shy them!
Reduce wheat based foods such as cakes, pasta, biscuits, bread. When I do eat bread, always opt for carefully prepared bread, such as sourdough - preferably home baked. Gluten is inflammatory to the system and should be consumed in much smaller quantities than we do in our western world.
Continuing on the carefully prepared food - same goes for beans and other legumes. This is because grains and beans contain phytic acid that is supposed to protect the seed from sprouting in inhabitable places and from being eaten by animals. That should be reason enough to not eat them without proper preparation! The phytic acid stops our bodies from being able to absorb the minerals from our food. It also affects digestion negatively.
Proper preparation is thus through fermentation (such as sourdough) and sprouting. It will help the body to benefit from the grains and legumes without struggling to absorb the nutrients and digest the food.
Avoid as many additives as possible. I truly believe that additives are hurtful to our health. There are additives in almost everything we consume nowadays. If not additives, there is pesticids. I always try to buy organic fruit and vegetables. Organic bananas have no trace of pesticids compared to "normal" bananas, which contain around 4 different types of pesticides. Same principal goes with coffee. And grapes. Geez, grapes are truly bad. Don't ever buy non-organic grapes, raisins or wine. Unless you want a coctail of poison, that is. Pesticides are substances that are poisonous. Why eat them, seriously?
I am convinced that it is all these poisonous and unnatural substances in our food that is causing us to become ill. They are legal because "they are under the level of what's been proven to cause damage", but do we know for sure what the long term effect of constant exposure of low levels of poison in our food is?
I'm sure you've heard of the term "the coctail effect". I believe there is a lot of reason to take this seriously. All the different additives that are found in our food are not natural and considering our bodies are natural biological organisms, I wouldn't expect them to handle unnatural substances very well. Just like our planet is being littered by plastic, oil and other harmful rubbish, our bodies suffer the same fate.
We feed ourselves with shit. And most of us don't even know it.
I don't like to rant and preach, and this post is turning into a damn rant. I'm not perfect. I buy non-organic stuff. I have eaten and drunk non-organic grapes and wine recently. But I try. I try to eliminate poison from my food. It's choice. I want to eliminate the risk of my future children suffering from Adhd/diabetes/allergies etc  - cause I belive these illnesses are due to the poor quality of the food we eat. This is not scientific. It is not proven. To be honest - there is alot to be said about the scientific research of diet and disease. I can only make my own conclusions from what I have read and seen and experienced.
I want to feed my body a colourful, organic, natural, diverse and fair diet. Less sugar, less processed, less gluten, less trans-fats and more clean food.
But I will also eat a cake every now and then. I will have a drink if I want to. I will eat sweets if I feel like it. That is a choice I make, as long as I am aware of the effects it has on my body.
My mental health suffers when I try to restrict myself. Therefore it is of most importance to listen to my body. If I am satisfied/full - don't eat. My body is very capable of telling me when it has had enough. It is also capable of telling me when I need more fuel. I don't need to eat at 12 just because it's lunch if I'm not hungry. But if I am - then eat!! Eat eat! Trust my guts :)
I don't know if you've cared to read all of this, but if you have, remember that all of this are my own thoughts about food and what's healthy. I have no links to sources, basically because I have read so much, both on the internet and in books, and I think it is better for everyone to find information and read for themselves to form an opinion. The above text is my conclusion of what most articles, books and dieticians advocate. Clean, natural foods. A healthy balance between fats, proteins and carbs.
And of course the freedom to choose. But be sure you know what it is that you choose!

Don't use your imagination to worry, use it to create possibilities

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I think if you are looking to became a healthier, more active person, the most important thing to do is not to feel sorry for yourself for what you can't eat or do anymore. Because it isn't a case of "not being allowed". It's a case of choosing the better option, and see what benefits and good it does for you.
I think many would need to stop and think to themselves "How do I feel? How does my head feel? My muscles? How am I sleeping? How's my mood?" 
I think a lot, and I mean a lot, of our wellness comes from what food we eat and how we exercise. Sugar, for example, causes our brains to behave in the same way as cocaine. It is also now related to diseases such as alzheimers and dementia, because it affects the nerval endings in our brain. Scary, huh? 
So what are you actually missing out on? I think we need to become more aware of the direct chemical effects food have on our bodies. We must not forget that our bodies will digest, and process all the food that we eat in order to fuel our cells. It does make a difference if you choose to eat a bag of sweets as a snack or a couple of fruits. 
Of course you can still eat sweets, cake and all those nice foods, but that should also be a choice. Not because you have an addiction to it and just grab it in the shop every time you go shopping. You can say yes to treats, but you should also be able to say no.
Back to the positive thinking then. Imagine loving yourself. Looking at yourself and accepting yourself. Look at what you do for yourself and your body. If you think something should change, make the change, see the possibilites. You are strong enough, because you can only gain from doing a positive change. You can start by saying "I love my body for what it is, and I will treat it the way it deserves". Feed your body all those delicious, lovely and healthy foods, that will not only make you feel happier chemically but it will also make you happier psychologically. Exercise because not only will it make your body stronger, but it will boost your confidence and self-love. That is proven.
So what are you waiting for? :)

Listen to your body

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Since eating more healthy everyday and cutting down on sugar and increasing vegetables and fruit and "clean food" in general, I must say I can tell a big difference in my general well being. I have definately become better at listening to my body and the cues it sends me. As soon as I eat more than approxiamtely 100 grams of refined sugar I can feel the head ache creeping up on me. It's really strange to think that either I was numb to this before, or I just felt it all the time and didn't pay attention to it. If I have spent an evening drinking a couple of drinks and eating crisps or sweets I will have a pretty noticable food "hangover". My stomach will be bloated, my head will feel slightly messy. Even if I only had a couple of glasses of wine.
I'm not saying that I will stop having these things, but it's interesting how much more alert your body becomes when it's fed the right sort of foods. It will instantly tell you when it's not getting the food it wants.
Furthermore it's then interesting to think about what sorts of everyday "pains" we constantly feel that may be cause by our diet, or something in our environment. As I've mentioned before, being too "acidic" can for example cause lots of problems, that could be solved rather easily. Different sorts of intolerances can be shown as more than diffuculty to breathe or rashes. It can show as sniffy noses, sensitivy to infections, stomach aches, bloatedness, joint aches etc etc. I have for example wondered why my nose is, and have always been, very sniffy. Even when I don't have a cold. It's probably cause by some sort of intolerance, but I'm not sure what. Perhaps dairy products (yes, sniffy nose is one of the symptons!). 
Anyway, it's something worth giving a little thought. Our bodies are smarter than our minds, most of the time!

Clean eating

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One of the best habits I have developed in my adult years is to read labels. It's surprising how much crap companies out in our food. It's important to learn more about where our food come from, what it contains and how it affects both us and the environment. Try to start off with the tips listed above and you will be on a very good way to eat in a way that your body AND the environment will thank you for!

Workout summary

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Just got home from the gym and shops. I don't think I can express how happy I am about joining this gym, it's unbelievable. I could go there every night easily. This week's exercise can be concluded as:
Monday: None
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: Core 30 mins + bike ride 50 mins
Thursday: Body Pump 55 mins + bike ride 50 + 35 mins
Friday: Bike ride 50 mins
Saturday: None
Sunday: Dance 55 mins + Yoga 55 mins + bike ride 35 mins
I'm focusing on strengthening classes in the gym at the moment, because I already ride the bike almost everywhere I go, I get cardio exercise that way. Sunday yoga for some flexibility and relaxation (it wasn't hard yoga at all) and dancing for the fun of it!
Now: back to cooking dinner!

Eating out

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Eating at a restaurant can be tricky when trying to be healthy. Normally restaurants don't take into account the healthyness of the dishes they serve, since it is flavour that sells, and the easy way to get flavour is to add LOTS of fats and sugars. Also, unless you eat at a fine dining restaurant, the servings are normally much larger than they would be if you cooked at home. 1 serving of a dish at a restaurant is not seldom twice, or tripple the amount of calories than the home cooked version.
The good thing is though, that you can cut down on the extra calories easily.
  • With a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. Normally salads at restaurants include cheese, and this will be enough fat for your meal. If possible, choose a vinegrette dressing, rather than a creamy one.
  • Ask for a baked potato, boiled potatoes or extra vegetables instead of chips. Chips contain transfats which are very harmful to your body, also it is quite disgusting to think of your food being deep fried in oil you have no idea what they contain...
  • Eat slowly, and finish when you are full. Don't continue eating just because there is still food on your plate (This is probably one of the hardest things to do if you are a food lover like me!)
  • Ask for grilled meats instead of fried.
  • Don't add ketchup or other extra sauces to your dish - these can very quickly add up your calories!
Only a few tips from me. No surprises maybe, but things that may be good to keep in mind. Also:
Good choices!

Cycling in the rain

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Getting ready for today's workout. Going for a long bike ride with Chris and James, and I'm wearing my new top that I bought last week. If it wasn't raining I would bring my camera, but as it's pouring it down, I don't think it's such a good idea. Ah well, next time!
Going to cycle past the library and pick up some books, and go food shopping for the week too. Then I can spend the afternoon and evening studying and drinking tea. Off out, see you later!


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Picture from Gran Canaria in June 2012.
New week tomorrow. Staying postive, being brave and eating a good breakfast are my best tips for starting tomorrow morning with a smile on your face.
For next week I'm looking forward to:
  • Cycling in the rain (yes, I look forward to it)
  • Singing in the choir
  • Eating healthy breakfasts (my favourite meal of the day)
  • Using my new workout clothes, more than once!

What do you look forward to doing next week? :-)

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