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This week

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The week has been really nice and warm. We've been out walking, fishing and enjoying the sun. Watched little fish in the river which we think were parr, and the garden is growing fast now. You can even see the little pink edge on my radishes :-) Still need to buy some strawberry plants and salads though. 
Had Emmylou and her fiancé Jerry over this evening, and we could sit outdoors all the way until 22:00, which was nice. Summer is here!

Last weekend

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Last Saturday I had a full day of doing fun activities, dinner and a party with most of my classmates from these last 3 years of studying. Everyone on the pictures are now wonderful, lovely career guidance counsellors. 
We went to a place called Ästad gård, where the owners have turned an old farm into an activity/games place, which has become very popular. It also has a sauna and swimming area, and we used an underwater sauna which was pretty cool. You could look out the windows of the sauna and watch the fish swim by, or maybe the daring people that went for a swim in the pond ;-)
It feels like only yesterday I started this course, and now it's already over. I'm gonna miss all my classmates, especielly a few that I get along with really well, but live quite far away. At least we had a really good day together to remember, and we're already talking about a new get-together :-)

more photos

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Some more photos from this weekend. Can't wait to go back. I really, really want to use my camera alot more. Need to get over the feeling that everyone is looking at me if I take photos. Always to conscious of what others might think...who cares, really? If I want to take a photo of something in the middle of a café, in town, or anywhere, I can! 

Wedding party

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A few photos from the wedding party in England this weekend. It was very nice, with good food, nice company and free wine ;-) Chris looked as handsome as ever in his suit, and everyone else looked very good too. I hope our wedding party will be just as pleasant to everybody.
Anyway, back home now, and I've caught a cold somewhere between here and England. Sore throat and a bad sniff. Ah well, could be worse. Has another warm day, even though it's been pretty cloudy. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty okay, and then the rest of the week will turn into a rain party.
Hope you all had a good Monday and I'll try to update a little more often!

tired tuesday

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Had a very bad night's sleep last night. Found it really hard to fall asleep, and once I managed, I kept waking up feeling both hot and cold and slightly feverish. I was fine this morning though, except for being tired, so I dragged myself out of bed and went to work.
We went shopping for a suit for Chris after work and found a really nice one, that he'll wear at the wedding party this weekend, and most likely at our own wedding next summer. I don't mind him wearing that same suit cause he looks gorgeous in it!! :-) I'm still not quite sure what I'll wear this weekend, but I think I'm going to wear a purple dress. We'll see....

walking in the woods

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This weekend was a long, nice and relaxing one. Thursday was a bank holiday, which meant the kids and teachers at school had both Thursday and Friday off. I decided to take the Friday off too, so I had four nice days off. On Saturday me and Chris met up with James and Helene for coffee and cheesecake at the best coffee shop in town. After that little treat we went to Hallandsås (Halland ridge) and the beech forest for a nice, long walk. those woods are truly beautiful in the spring, and we went past tinkling little streams, old farmer's fields, cows, ancient remains from the bronze age and looked at all the flowers and bright green trees.
An incredibly refreshing walk!

the garden...

Publicerad 2013-05-10 19:20:52 i Living life, starting to look good for this year...
So far we have planted tomato plants, herbs, a chili plant, runner beans and peas. We had zucchini plants too, but the same day as we took them out we had minus degrees through the night. Doh. So they died, and we're trying to grow some new, but they don't really seem to want to come up. We'll have to wait and see. We have also sown carrots and radishes, but guessing it will be a while before we see anything coming up from those. 
We will also grow strawberries and salads again this year. It will be good if it all turns out well! :-)

Banana pancake success

Publicerad 2013-05-09 11:25:55 i Living life,

Good morning!
The banana pancakes have been very popular in the blogging world of late, which basically means whisking together a banana with two eggs and frying them into the shape of pancakes. I tried it a while ago, and to be honest, it wasn't great. They were increadibly soft and hard to turn, tasted of ....yeah you're right...eggs and banana. 
This turn around I wanted to give them another go, and from the inspiration of other bloggers who have had the same problems as me I decided to add a little flour. But not just any flour. I want to stay away from wheat flour and such, since it has high GI ratings. So I thought; why not add coconut flour? Said and done. And the result? Brilliant!
1 portion:
  • 1 large banana, medium ripe.
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
Mix it all together with a rod mixer and fry in some butter. They need a little time to harden in their first side before you can flip them, but they turned out really well. Good firm and fluffy consistensy, with a nice banana/coconut flavour that will leave you wishing you had done more! I served them with a little bit of mango, cottage cheese, quark and frozen berries. Highly recommended!


Publicerad 2013-05-05 21:56:35 i Living life,

Pics from Saturday at dad's. Boat repairing and eating.
Downloaded a 30 day trial of Lightroom, so I can try out RAW editing and so far I like it alot, but it takes practice to find out the right editing for different photos. I'll keep practicing, but right now bed is calling for me. Work tomorrow again!

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