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Good day! Friday! Only a week until Chris' parents come over for a visit! Can't wait! But before that I have a weekend with some nice time with Chris, with friends and also some studying. Next week will be packed with intense studying, I want most of it finished by Friday next week. Phew! We can do this! :-)
Was feeling rather unhappy this morning, but I have turned my thoughts around and I'm trying to find strength in the fact that whatever will be will be. I can only do my best, and I will!
Today I am going to the gym for a dancing class, then I'm popping to the shop to buy some fruit, berries and nice munchies for a date night in with my lovely fiancé. I've been so caught up in working and studying, I really feel like we need to spend some "us" time and just take care of each other. I hope you all are looking forward to a nice Friday evening and weekend too!
Var på dåligt humör i morse, men har vänt runt tankarna lite och känner mig ganska glad. Ska på dans senare och sedan blir det myskväll med killen. När man har så mycket att göra är det viktigt att stanna upp ibland och ägna tid åt varandra. Hoppas ni också ser fram emot en trevlig kväll och helg!


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