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On motivation - making a change

Publicerad 2012-09-29 17:48:14 i Inspiration, Mind and body, Wellness and health,

We have all gone through, or, are going through periods in our lives when we want to change something about ourselves. Whether it be quit smoking, stop biting our nails, shop less clothes, lose weight, exercise more, be less shy, etc. etc. The list can grow long.
If you find yourself wanting a change, but it just doesn't seem to happen, it is easy to say "I can't do it/ it doesn't work for me/ I've tried everything". If that is the case, then I say:
  • you CAN do it
  • it DOES work for you
  • you HAVEN'T tried everything

Making a real change in your life means taking a step into the unknown. Taking this step makes a lot of people scared. They fear they will fail, they fear the change will be too hard. Finding the courage and determination is what stops most peope from changing their habits.

Because habits are what make us feel safe, no matter if the habits are destructive or constructive. To break a destructive habit, means you have to review your perception of what bringsyou comfort, benefits and happiness. You need to recognize that there is a problem, reflect on it and think of what advantages (and disadvantages) making a change would do to your life. Without these "realisations", as I would call it, I'm afraid you won't be able to go further than "wanting to change".

The will to change has to come from within yourself, noone else can make the change for you. If you find this inner motivation, you are already one big step towards the life you want.

I have just finished my functional training workout, and confirmed that working out in the late afternoon/evening is the best time for me. I have a lot more energy and power and can make much moe effort in my exercise. About to jump in the shower, then it's getting close to preparing dinner...


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