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Ah, on my regurlar blog I try to stay clear of preaching about healthy choices and exercise, because I simply do not want anyone to feel judged by their choices, and that is never my intention. I used to be sort of blind to how my words came out and the feeling that I made better choices than others got the better of me many times. Looking back through the archives of this blog I realise how aggressively my interest for health and exercise came across.
The problem is when you have a passion for something and you want to spread and share the word it is hard sometimes to not get too passionate. And health is a sensitive issue. People do not want to feel guilty about themselves, for not exercising hard enough, or for not saying no to that extra slice of cake. Before, I used to feel guilty about these things. And I felt good about myself when I "behaved". So I wanted others to feel good about themselves too. Since then I have worked on my self-awareness, self-esteem and self-concept and I have become so much more gentle with myself and others. I have come to understand that feeling good about oneself is not reliant on "behaving" - it is reliant on how you speak to yourself. It is reliant on how well you listen to your body and not putting all your worth on being "good".
I am still incredibly interested in health, but it is no longer so tightly tied to my self-worth. I exercise because I enjoy it. I go to the classes I enjoy, I do the workout I am in the mood for. I have stopped the voice in my head telling me I need to do legs today, because I did arms the other day. I simply do whatever I feel like.  Exercise makes me feel happy, energized and confident - even more so since I removed the "perform" part of it.
Eating healthy makes me feel happy and energized too. And I miss writing about my thoughts on healthy food. Sometimes I read a few articles and I want to print down my thoughts on it. Or I want to share interesting information I've found.
I want to start blogging here again, but in a much humbler way. I want to be an example of how to live healthy without any feelings of guilt or pressures of performance. I want to be an inspiration to others (if they ever find this blog), a role model for others. I may not blog here as often as my other blog, because it will be mainly health related posts on here, with recipes and fitness as the main topic, but I will come here every now and then!
If any of my words ever come across as preaching, guilt tripping or anything alike, please let me know so I can try to rephrase my words.
This is a new start :)


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