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Acidic-Alkaline balance

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I wasn't really aware of this until I read my Raw Food book Chris got me for Christmas. Apparantly our bodies are constantly working on keeping up a good balance of acid and alkaline substances. Our blood, for example, should be at pH-level of 7,4, in other words - it needs to be alkaline, while the liver and stomach should be more acid. The body will always make sure that the blood is alkaline, and depending on what we feed our bodies, it will do so in different ways. 
If we feed our bodies too much acidifying food, the body with instead take alkaline minerals from the bones, organs and nerval system. This can in the long run lead to osteoporisis, decreased mental ability and gout. Common signs of a body which is struggling to maintain the acidic-alkaline balance are:
  • muscle tension
  • less concentration and focus
  • tiredness
  • headaches
  • anger
  • sadness
  • skin problems
  • constepation
  • lots of colds, flus and other infections
However, once you realise this important part your diet plays in your overall wellbeing it is rather easy to fix. Foods that will help the body maintain the acidic-alkaline balance are most fruits and vegetables, in their raw form. Food that are acidifying and should only be consumed in lesser amounts are meats, vinegars, alcohol, tobacco, dairy products and dried fruit. Of course you don't have to stop eating these foods if you don't wish, but I thought these were intersting dietary facts, that can be helpful :-)
It is also important to make sure to breathe deep, smile and be happy. Shallow breathing also increases the acid in the body, so a good stretch and yoga session everyday wont only be good for your fitness, but also your body's acidic-alkaline balance! :D


Posted by: David

Published 2013-01-02 23:44:22

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Svar: Ofc you can, my Raw Food book contains lots of sweet treats! :)
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