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Bike is here

Publicerad 2013-01-09 21:41:52 i Living life, Workout,

Today we got our exercise bike, weeeiiiihoooo! There was a slight misunderstanding with the delivery though, as I thought I could pay with my card, and apparantly I couldn't. So in the end I had to have a lift with the DHL guy down to where the cashpoint was to get out enough money. Haha, not everyday I get to ride in a big truck. Then we spent about 2,5 hours putting the bike together. 
We've both tried it, and it is good, makes you sweat as it should ;-)
I was planning on going to the gym today, but didn't due to other circumstances. But I did a workout at home instead, consisting of:
10 minutes cycling
25 body weight squats
5 minutes cycling
25 jumping squats
5 minutes cycling
25 push-up (5 on my feet!!)
In total about 35 minutes. I've started taking workout plans from I'm still going to go to classes, now that they have picked up again after the holidays, but I really want to build some good strength, and the gym is much better for that :-)


Posted by: Shirley

Published 2013-01-10 10:04:54

Glad the bike arrived and it has gone together without any trouble.
If it helps you exercise at home when time is short all the better. Not sure what push ups on your feet are, it all sounds exhausting!

Posted by:

Published 2013-01-10 23:23:47

nice :D

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