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Publicerad 2013-06-29 17:22:49 i Living life,

yesterday when we were watching TV we thought we could smell smoke
but didn't think too much of it until I could see flakes of ashes falling from the sky.
went out and saw a big pillar of smoke. before calling anyone I checked online, and there was information that an industrial buildning nearby was in full flames and the firemen were wokring on it.
we went to have a look, but couldn't get closer than this. they had shut everyone off by 300 meters because of risk of explosions. so we went home again.
this morning we could still smell the smoke
but I started the day with a bowl of overnight oats with raw cacao
topped with banana, strawberries and organic cornflakes.
later we had lunch, consisting of curried vegetables, beans and a little fish.
plus two crackers.
since lunch we have just chilled out, went down the shops to buy some bits and pieces, and soon it's dinner time. only got 5 days left of holiday!!


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