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A crayfish party

Publicerad 2013-09-02 21:03:56 i Living life,

I promised more photos, so more photos you get :)
Saturday the 24th I had a rough day. Went to the vet with Benjie to have him put to sleep, then to later find out that Cloud had been put to sleep earlier that week. I was kind of sad. Very sad. But we went to a crayfish party at my friend Maria and her boyfriend Per's. 
We ate lots of good food, had a drink competition where all guests had to pair up and make a drink for each and every one, which we then voted for. We didn't win with out Bay Breeze, but it was a nice idea and fun to try all the different drinks people had come up with.
Soon off to bed, cause I didn't sleep well last night. Got to get up early again tomorrow as usual :)
See you then!


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