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Publicerad 2014-04-19 09:35:38 i Workout,

Yesterday's workout was my first "home-made" crossfit workout. 
I started by warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Did some movement warm-up and then got going with my "stations". The first is a "half Cindy". Amrap means "as many reps/rounds as possible" - so I basically did 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 airsquats continuosly for 10 minutes (a whole Cindy is 20 minutes). Managed 5 ½ rounds. Last time I did a full Cindy I managed 11½ I guess there is no major improvement in speed. However, I can now do push-ups and pull-ups much better, so that is good!
The gym was really full yesterday, so all the weightlifting stations were full when I had finished my half Cindy, so I did the third "station" here. 3 minutes of doing 15 lunges and 15 sit-ups continuosly, rest 1½ minutes and 3 min work etc (3 times). Ouch my tummy! Not ideal, since I don't want my core to be tired for the weight lifting. 
Third station, weights. I actually increased number of reps here, because I am still a little scared of putting too much weight on and hurting myself. So:
Squats: 5 reps with 35 kgs
5 reps with 40 kgs
8 reps with 40 kgs
Overhead press: 
3 reps 15 kgs
3 reps with 20 kgs
1 rep with 24 kgs (then failed second rep, so took off 4 kgs)
3 reps with 20 kgs
Deadlift: 5 reps with 35 kgs
3 reps with 45 kgs
5 reps 45 kgs


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