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Common ground 3

Publicerad 2014-01-28 15:50:27 i Living life,

The last post concerning what make the three very popular diets succesful (in the short term perspective I guess).
The last common ground that I, myself, have seen in LCHF, vegan/rawfood and paleo, is mainly cutting junk food out of your diet. Once you start to "follow" a diet, you are making the choice to say no to fast food, sweets, crisps, and also make better choices in the supermarket. It isn't uncommon to aim for as "clean" and unprocessed food as possible, which naturally leads to weight loss and health improvement, as you will a) most likely be eating less calories than before (even if you don't count) and b) be eating foods that are wholesome and free from questionable additives.
Put all these three common grounds together and it becomes pretty clear that most people find themselves losing weight, gaining energy, reclaiming good health and feel better than ever before.
I can't tell you which foods to eat, or not to eat. Everyone have different needs and different bodies with different metabolism, sensitivities, tolerance, tastes and thoughts on ethical and moral choices. What is right for me, may not be right for you.
I am choosing to eat freely from anything I like. But I prefer to feed myself foods that I believe are beneficial for my health. I choose to not exclude meat, nor grains, nor dairy. But I try to figure out what makes me feel the best. It may take a while, but I will let it.
Simple as that.


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