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Sometimes you fins just those amazing people that can put it into words

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This is what I read on today. 
"When you treat you body right, with love, honour and respect - life begins to feel a little easier. Accepting yourself as you are, realizing that you are perfectly built to be YOU, is very important.
We all deserve to love ourselves. Noone should be made to feel guilty for the shape/size, whether it's big, small or triangle.
We are society, we have the power to influence minds and share self love. We are the people of society - choosing to love and accept yourself, and breaking free from feeling like you must conform to a society's expectation is the beginning of a journey. 
Self love isn't a contest and self love doesn't require you to change. Self love is being happy and content in your own skin, accepting your body and mind and showing yourself the love you deserve, treating yourself with respect."


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